List the best action cameras of 2019

Action cameras are a great way to seal memories in time. Most of them capture great videos as a prerequisite, so the details of the features of the gadget matters while trying to pick out the best. Due to its popularity, there are a ton of great options for the best 4k action camera under 100. But before purchasing, buyers are recommended to have a basic idea on the key features of the camera. The priority is to check the resolution quality of the camera. The next is the field-of-view which refers to how wide the lens is.

As the action camera under $100, the YI 4K Action Camera has captured quite the attention of many gadget lovers. This camera is sleek; crisp-looking that snags good video with a touchscreen that is bolstered by gorilla glass. This feature adds a great perk since touch screens are notorious for being one of the first things to break on a camera if it is bumped or dropped. The YI 4K Action Camera also works with voice controls, which are an interesting addition that can be very handy. The camera has a nice battery life and the video capture is smooth.

Another name that made it in the list of the best action camera under 100 is the Campark X20 4K Action Camera. This camera comes with software for multiple capture modes baked in. It is good for capturing footage in sub-prime conditions, making it a great choice for nighttime adventure or video in fog. Users can also play around with the footage for fun before posting to Instagram or Facebook.

The remote control of the camera allows for easy use even from a distance. The AIQui 4K wifi action camera takes good video and has a great feature with its waterproof case as it can survive for depths up to 100 feet below the surface.

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