Unique Beauty Salon at Rijeka

Rijeka Beauty Salon helps to maintain your beauty, hygiene, and health of your face and body! Treat yourself with these successful treatments throughout the aid of professional makeup and forms of gear. Visit the Rijeka Beauty Salon and perceive your self the individual improvement and utmost dedication to each person and the high-quality service Rijeka Beauty Salon offers. We deliver a verity of facial treatments at affordable prices for every client.

Exfoliation is also done through an ultrasonic spatula which in turn eliminates the dead skin cells on your faces and ultrasound has a more profound effect on clearing the pores. We offer an assortment of Exfoliates from acid, mechanical or enzymatic, and in accordance with your skin, we give the most appropriate therapy. It is followed by Vapozone that gives steam out straight away into the face, which expands the pores so that they can correctly open for mechanical purification or extrusion.

An exceptional convenience for the visitor of the Beauty Salon is possible through card repayment, The cards usable to get payments include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express, it’s possible to also cover the fees based on a one-time or in installments, Our Lash lift Rijeka working hours are from Monday to Friday and 8: 30h to 20: 30h, Besides, we start Salon on Saturdays from 9:00-2:00 pm, and Rijeka Beauty Salon presents different types of body and face treatments. To acquire further details please check out Bsskin

Rijeka facial cleansing therapy is successfully carried out by Skeyndor cosmetics of this line and this is suitable for all skin types and tones. Rijeka Beauty Salon or Rijeka Facial Treatments additionally provides sorts of specialized Skeyndor cosmetic facial treatment. Before the expert therapy, we sturdily suggest clearing your face to obtain the utmost comprehension of your own skin type and its form. In any case, we highly recommend precise professional treatment according to your skin conditions.

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